Spirit of St. Louis Fuel Testing at Camp Kearny Photograph Print


The Spirit of St. Louis is one of the most iconic aircraft in history, and this photograph print captures a rare moment in its development. This limited edition print is a must-have for any aviation enthusiast or history buff. Order yours today!


8″x10″ black and white photograph taken by Donald A. Hall, Sr., the designer and Chief engineer of the plane pictured. This limited edition photograph print was printed from the original negatives, and is part of the Donald A. Hall Estate Collection. It captures the Spirit of St. Louis during the fuel testing phase of its flight testing at Camp Kearny, now modern day Miramar Marine Corps Base. The testing was moved to this location after news about the project leaked into the local newspaper, and the remote location helped to keep it secret. This image was the inspiration for the painting by Nova Hall titled “Clearing the Trees,” which showcases the take-off with Lindbergh and the testing at Camp Kearny. Own a piece of history today.

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