Nova Hall: Artist biography, Aviation Enthusiast, and Legacy Storyteller

Nova’s Artist Biography: 

Title: The Engineer Media: Mixed Media Size: 10″x12″ Artist: Nova Hall

Nova Hall is an accomplished artist whose work has been shaped by a combination of classical training in black and white photography and years of arts training as a student with direct mentorship by acclaimed international artist and fine art painter Leandro Soto. Nova worked with Professor Soto while at Arizona State University. As an experienced performance artist with a Cuban historical narrative underpinning his own art, Professor Soto took a keen interest in Nova’s progression and artistic direction by using the “found” intellectual property of his grandfather in his art. Nova’s grandfather is Donald A. Hall Sr., Chief Engineer and photographer of the Spirit of St. Louis in 1927, which Charles Lindbergh then flew across the Atlantic to international fame and riches.

Mr. Soto encouraged Nova to draw inspiration from the Arte Povera movement of Italy and artist Robert Rauschenberg while seeing flight differently. The results are a distinctly modern and contemporary interpretation of aeronautics through the exploration and experiences of a child. Since graduating in 2010 from ASU, Nova Hall has continued painting and speaking to tell the story of the Spirit of St. Louis in writing, Sumi-e ink, original paintings, and photographic prints.

In Sedona, Nova Hall studied under Jeff Perkins and Thom Doherty at Verde Valley School. Mr. Hall honed his skills in both 35mm and large format 4×5 sheet photography with Jeff Perkins. Under the guidance of Mr. Soto, Nova’s results are inspired by his story, flight, and the movement of air during lift. Nova received important training and mentorship from college professors: Charles St Clair, Alan Tongret, Jeff Kennedy, and Marianne Kim.

Trademark for the Donald A. Hall Estate collection including the signature of the engineer Donald Hall, a blueprint front view of the Spirit of St Louis, and the slide rule that was used to design the airplane in 1927.

Nova Hall Extended Biography: 

Nova Hall is based in Arizona. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Science and Art from Arizona State University, where he completed his thesis on Latin American Art and Marketing with Professor Soto. Nova’s work is a celebration of innovation and the human spirit, inspired by his family’s connection to the history of aviation. His grandfather, Donald Hall, was the sole chief engineer who designed and engineered the Spirit of St. Louis for Charles Lindbergh in 1927. As the only remaining Hall, Nova feels a deep responsibility to preserve his family’s history through his artwork.

Nova’s unique perspective as a descendant of Jewish immigrants who worked in the aviation industry during a tumultuous time in world history gives his artwork a distinctive voice. During his trip to Israel in 2000 with the Birthright organization, Nova connected with his Jewish heritage through the Chabad and Hillel organizations. He was also a winner of the Joan Frazier Memorial Award for Arts while at ASU, which was featured on the cover of the local Jewish community magazine.

Title: Clearing The Trees
Media: Mixed media with photography on board
Size: 24″ x 30″
Artist: Nova Hall

Nova’s fine art ‘Flying Over Time collection’ body of work is a unique fusion of history, art, and photography that has captivated audiences regionally. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a history buff, or an aviation aficionado, Nova’s work is sure to captivate. His style is influenced by Leandro Soto’s sumi-e ink wash art, the Arte Povera movement in Italy, and Robert Rauschenberg’s found style.

Nova is a trained public speaker with seven years in the Toastmasters International organization, including leadership. He is a published writer and author, and his artistic practice as a performance artist has allowed him to create art in front of others while bringing the stories of his art to life. Nova’s passion for sharing his family’s story and preserving their legacy extends beyond his artwork.

In 2010, he wrote and premiered a one-act, one-person play titled “The Man Behind the Spirit,” which explores the life of his grandfather, Donald Hall, the chief engineer behind Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight. The play was performed by professional actor James Reid at Arizona State University and was inspired by Spike Lee’s film “Huey P. Newton Story.” Nova’s dedication to his craft earned him the selection as the 2010 Student Speaker at ASU West’s Convocation.

Nova’s original paintings and archival silver-gelatin black and white photography (printed by Nova Hall from his grandfather’s photos from the original negatives – limited 25 editions) are available for purchase.

Nova’s original paintings and archival re-touched museum prints are available for purchase, and he is currently accepting custom commissions for discerning art connoisseurs. If interested, please fill out the form below.

Image of two people viewing a painting by Nova Hall and his grandfather's photographs from the Flying Over Time Exhibition at Arizona State University in 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona.