To create a multifunctional traveling exhibition retelling a story of discovery, technology, history, and art through the inspirational chronicles of the Spirit of St. Louis and the team that crafted it in 60 days. This project seeks to provide a visually dynamic and newsworthy narrative of the true-to-life discovery of this modern-day treasure uncovered in Sedona, Arizona by Arizona State University alumni, permanent resident, historian, and professionally trained speaker, Nova Hall.

Executive Summary:

Orbital Air Incorporated was established in 2000 as a hothouse for cultivating creativity, innovation, and innovative teaching techniques by connecting its patrons to the historic events of the past. Specifically, these were the events surrounding the creation, teamwork, and successes of the Spirit of St. Louis. Nova Hall is a artist, professionally trained speaker, and author of Spirit and Creator: The Mysterious Man Behind Lindbergh’s Flight to Paris, a comprehensive history of the building of the Spirit of St. Louis and its designer, Donald A. Hall. At its heart, Orbital Air is an idea company with connections throughout the aviation industry, museum and arts communities, and academia.

Orbital Air is currently developing dynamic exhibitions for general audiences and art benefits for charities, while actively pursuing photographic branding/licensing deals for the Donald A. Hall Estate and the “Flying Over Time” Collection. All new or derivative works by Nova Hall are thus represented by Orbital Air, including original paintings, artwork, and books pertaining to the Spirit of St. Louis, chief engineer Donald A. Hall Sr., and artist Nova Hall.

Within the context of creating a multifunctional exhibition, Orbital Air combines resources from various disciplines, partner organizations, and collections into a single integrative format to inspire and impact its attendees. The finished exhibition will therefore incorporate digital technologies, still imagery, music, special lighting, projection, and interactive games for discovery learners.

The 1999 uncovering of the actual “treasure chest” from Sedona, Arizona is the principle hook of the exhibition (as shown on The Learning Channel in 2001). Each section will stand alone, but will also build upon the previous narratives. The exhibit culmination brings together all the threads in
a powerful climax where audiences experience the past, present, and future. The exhibition will finally merge with modern day aviation to convey the implications of how a single silver airplane, flying from New York to Paris in 1927, impacted the future.

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