About Art and the Exhibition:

Nova’s personal journey started during his bachelor of arts at ASU in the New Collage, when his mentor and friend Professor Leandro Soto (master painter) challenged him to paint from an different and deeply personal direction: the discovery of his Grandfather’s lost history.  After those initial college classes, the mysterious book which was first published in 2002 developed into a collection of art, theater, and digital immersion creations.  Then ASU proposed sponsoring the organization into a full 501-C3 educational charity as a public good and career.

As such, the book: Spirit and Creator: The Man Behind Lindbergh’s Flight to Paris which was published in 2002, stands as a comprehensive history of the building of the Spirit of St. Louis and its designer, Donald A. Hall Sr..

Leandro Soto inspired the name of the organization, and Monica Casper sponsored it as their first Chairwoman during her stint as assistant Dean at ASU, AZ. With ASU’s financial and institutional support, plus local donors, three additional evolutions of the exhibition where developed, and then held at 10+ locations around Arizona. These events where multifunctional traveling exhibitions with digital and immersive components for putting the “A” in STEAM.

The most recent professional show was at the West Valley Art Museum in Peoria City Hall, Arizona. The painting “San Diego” was recently accepted into the museums permanent collection with an unveiling TBD, 2023

About Us:

We are a diverse group of volunteers and staff for the betterment of STEM and girls in innovative and technical fields. Flying Over Time is involved with multiple critical projects to make this happen.

Flying Over Time’s exhibition is an retelling of a story of discovery, technology, history, and art through the inspirational chronicles of the Spirit of St. Louis and the team that crafted it in 60 days. “This exhibition seeks to provide a visually dynamic and newsworthy narrative of the true-to-life discovery of this modern-day treasure uncovered in Sedona, Arizona by Arizona State University alumni, permanent resident, historian, and professionally trained speaker, Nova Hall.” – Nova Hall