Flying Over Time: Charitable Services for Speaking Engagements, Commissioned Artwork, Family History, and Virtual Museum Creation.

Photo by Donald Hall, 1927


All services and engagements purchased through Flying Over Time are tax-deductible charitable expenses. Contact us to book our services.

Speaking Engagements

Invite Nova Hall, the grandson of Donald A. Hall, Sr., to speak to your group about the Rose Chest, which unearthed the remarkable story of the creation and flight of the Spirit of St. Louis. Nova will share his insights on innovation, risk, and integrity, and inspire your audience to reach for new heights. Available for in-person engagements in the Phoenix metro area or virtual appearances.

Commissioned Artwork

Experience the stunning work of Nova Hall, one of the most promising visual artists of his generation. Original paintings and museum-quality prints are available for purchase, and custom commissions are accepted for those seeking a truly unique piece of art. With a focus on aviation and historical subjects, Nova’s art captures the spirit of adventure and the wonder of the past.

Family History Consulting

Connect with your roots and strengthen your family bonds with the help of our resident family history expert, Matt Ellsworth. With a passion for genealogy and years of experience helping people find their ancestors, Matt can guide you through the process of discovering your family’s story. From archival research to DNA analysis, Matt offers a range of services to help you uncover the hidden gems in your family tree.

Virtual Museum Creation

Step into the world of your family’s history with a customized virtual museum created by our partners at Mbuyu. Send us your digital documents, images, videos, and descriptions, and we’ll work with you to create a beautiful and engaging website or VR experience to share with your friends and family. Whether it’s a tribute to a notable figure or event in your history, or a celebration of your family’s unique story, we can help you bring it to life.