All services and engagements purchased through Flying Over Time are tax-deductible charitable expenses. Contact us to book our services.

Speaking Engagements

Take the opportunity to invite Nova Hall of Flying Over Time, the grandson of Donald A. Hall, Sr., to discuss the contents of the Rose Chest that unearthed the remarkable story of the creation and flight of the Spirit of St. Louis. Nova will teach your group about innovation, risk, and integrity. Nova is able to travel in the Phoenix metro area and is available for video calls.

Invite Matt Ellsworth of Mbuyu to discuss diverse topics such as foreign diplomatic service, language-learning, family history & genealogy, archiving historical records, and international culture and travel. Matt travels the world to save history from vanishing and is has visited six countries in Africa in recent years to preserve their legacies.

Commissioned Artwork

“Nova Hall is one of the most promising visual artists of his generation” – Tim Harris, Past-Chairman of Flying Over Time. Art and new designs are constantly in production by Nova. He is willing and currently accepting custom commissions for connoisseurs of fine art and rare photography. Original painting and archival museum prints are available for purchase.

Family History Consulting

Our resident family history expert, Matt Ellsworth, is itching to speak with you about finding your roots and connecting with your family tree. Having founded many organizations dedicated to connecting people with their ancestors, the most recent being Mbuyu, Matt is uniquely qualified to help you delve into your name, culture, and history. He’ll help you to find hidden gems and strengthen the bonds you have with your family.

Virtual Museum Creation

Through our partners at Mbuyu, we want to build for you a website or portal dedicated to your family’s history or a notable figure or event in your history. Send us your digital documents, images, videos, and descriptions and we will work with you to create a beautiful and engaging website to share with friends and family. We are also working with partners in the VR space to create these experiences in immersive digital environments.