Our Board of Directors

Flying Over Time, an Arizona non-profit with 501-C3 IRS educational charity status, currently has a Board of Directors and an Honorary Board.

Board of Directors:

Chairman – Nova Hall
Vice-Chair – Nina Anderson
Treasurer/Secretary – Matthew H. Owens
Board Member – Debra Hall

Non-Board Position(s)
Coordinator: Dawn Nave

Honorary Board Members:

Donald A. Hall Jr. (1934-2012)
David R. Frazer, retired CPA/lawyer
Justin Frankel, programmer
Prof. Monica J. Casper, University of Arizona
Captain Nina Anderson, retired corporate pilot
Andrew Brown, ASU alumni former director
Tiffany Kell, ASU alumni former director

A message from the Chairman of the Board:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for visiting this website bringing to life the man behind the Spirit of St. Louis, Mr. Donald A. Hall Sr.  Flying Over Time is reengaging a new generation through art, storytelling, and the science behind the 1927 flight.


Flying Over Time (FOT) is a non-profit 501-(c)(3) charitable organization for STEM Aviation education.  We started working with Arizona State University (ASU) by prototyping a traveling exhibit that combined fine art and history.  In that creative endeavor, we discovered the how kids interacted differently when combining  the art + history + science of the Spirit of St. Louis.  It offered a framework and story of engineering to teach the children of today about how and why we flew.  That first transatlantic flight was the start of many changes to come to our globalized world through trade.  By teaching the facts through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) within the context of the tools used in the 1920’s, we paint a future for those who will dream the next “Lindy-Hop” forward.


It is our hope to support this through community events and scholarship for students for the legacy of Donald A. Hall Sr and for ours as Americans in this new century.




Nova Hall

Chairman of the Board

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