GoRoam Technology, a Flying Over Time sponsor, provides reliable and fast wireless internet to aviation professionals, even in remote areas.

GoRoam is a company that provides wireless internet access to people who are on the go. Their products and services are designed specifically for professionals and for pilots, who need reliable and fast internet access in order to do their jobs safely and effectively.

GoRoam’s wireless internet can be used to access a variety of important information, including weather reports, flight plans, and maps. This information can be critical for pilots who need to make quick decisions in the air. GoRoam’s wireless internet can also be used to stream video and audio, which can be helpful for pilots who want to stay entertained during long flights or who need to listen to instructions from air traffic control. Additionally, GoRoam’s wireless internet can be used to connect to other devices such as laptops and tablets, which can be helpful for pilots who need to access files or work on projects while they are in the air.

In addition to pilots, GoRoam’s wireless internet is also a valuable tool for aviation types who like to be in “wild” areas and places without connection to the net. For example, bush pilots who fly in remote areas often need to access weather reports and flight plans in order to stay safe. GoRoam’s wireless internet can also be used by aviation enthusiasts who like to go camping or hiking in remote areas. This allows them to stay connected with friends and family, as well as access important information such as weather reports and maps.

Overall, GoRoam’s wireless internet can be a valuable tool for pilots, aviation professionals, and aviation enthusiasts who want to be connected while they are on the go. It can help them to stay safe, informed, and entertained, even in the most remote areas.

What We Do




Compact Router + Software + Antennas powered by no contract LTE services for Vans + Class B + Class C
Ambulance Conversions + More


Rugged Router + Software + Antennas powered by dual LTE providers with no contract term + enhanced wifi for
Travel Trailers + Toy Haulers + Airstreams


Advanced Routing + Software + Antennas powered by dual LTE providers with no contract term + enhanced WiFi for Fifth Wheels + Class A + Skoolies

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