Donate to Preserve the Legacy of Donald A. Hall, Sr., Engineer of Spirit of St. Louis


“Donald Albert Hall was one of this centuries great aeronautical engineers, and most likely, you’ve never heard of him.  But I guarantee, you have heard of the airplane he designed…the Spirit of St. Louis!”  – Hunt For Amazing Treasures, TLC (Sept. 2001)


Take flight with us on a journey through time and history, inspired by the legacy of Donald A. Hall, Sr., one of the most important aviation engineers in history. In just 60 days, Hall designed and built the famous Spirit of St. Louis airplane, which performed flawlessly during Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight across the Atlantic. The Spirit of St. Louis remains an enduring symbol of innovation, determination, and courage.

Now, in honor of Donald Hall’s remarkable story, we invite you to join us on a mission to bring aviation history to life through our Flying Over Time non-profit. Through vivid colors and captivating artwork, we’ll transport you from 1927 to 2027, and invite you to be a part of this incredible journey.

Your support is crucial to help us preserve this important piece of history for future generations. Join us today and make a difference in our efforts to honor the legacy of Donald A. Hall, Sr. and the Spirit of St. Louis. Together, we can inspire and uplift countless others with the same spirit of determination and courage that led to one of the most significant achievements in aviation.


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