Preserve the story of Donald A. Hall, Sr., Chief Engineer of Spirit of St. Louis!


“Donald Albert Hall was one of this centuries great aeronautical engineers, and most likely, you’ve never heard of him.  But I guarantee, you have heard of the airplane he designed…the Spirit of St. Louis!”  – Hunt For Amazing Treasures, TLC (Sept. 2001)

Join us and take flight on a journey through time and history.

Join us in commemorating the Centennial of the Spirit of St. Louis with Flying Over Time, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring and educating everyone about aviation. Your support unlocks the passion of underserved youth to soar in aviation and STEM fields. Through strategic fundraising, we preserve this legacy, inspire future innovators, and provide scholarships, mentorship, and hands-on STEM workshops. Donate now to make a difference and gain access to exclusive events.

Now, in honor of Donald Hall and Charles Lindbergh’s remarkable story, we invite you to join us on a mission to bring aviation history to life through our Flying Over Time non-profit. Through vivid colors and captivating artwork, fueled by Donald Hall’s 60-day engineering marvel, we educate with art and history to inspire creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. Igniting the potential in future STEM leaders.

Your support is crucial to help us preserve this inspiring piece of history.