In 1927, amidst the excitement of Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight, Donald A. Hall, Chief Engineer, left an indelible mark on aviation history. But behind every great accomplishment lies a personal journey. After the Spirit of St. Louis soared into the annals of fame, Donald’s life took a turn, intertwining with Betty and birthing a new chapter.

Betty Walker, a piano-playing dreamer with a penchant for teaching, and Donald Hall, an engineering maverick shaping the future of flight, found love in the midst of economic turmoil. Their story, woven with resilience and determination, led them to marry in 1933, laying the foundation for a family and a future.

But the Walker family’s legacy extends beyond romance. Betty’s brother, Omar, a decorated military pilot, transitioned from the skies of war to the realm of risk management. In the aftermath of WWII, Omar forged a path in the insurance industry, safeguarding airlines and aircraft against unforeseen challenges. This commitment to mitigating risk became the cornerstone of Airis Insurance LLC’s ethos, embodied in their motto: “Engineering Against Risk since 1927.”

Airis Insurance llc logoToday, the spirit of innovation and dedication lives on through Nova Hall, following in his uncle’s footsteps with a passion for flight and a vision for the future. Alongside Kenneth Stephens, a seasoned expert in aviation-focused insurance, Nova leads Airis Insurance in providing comprehensive coverage and personalized service.

From life policies to asset protection and financial planning, Nova and Kenneth offer a suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients. As independent brokers, their commitment extends beyond business transactions to making a meaningful impact in the community. Through partnerships with organizations like Flying Over Time, they channel a portion of their commissions towards empowering youth in aviation and STEAM education.

For specialized insurance services and personalized care, contact Nova at 602-909-9174. Join Airis Insurance in safeguarding your assets and shaping a brighter future, guided by a legacy of excellence and a passion for progress. Together, let’s soar to new heights.