The Exhibition

Flying Over Time: The Spirit of St. Louis exhibition is unique because of the integrative approach to historic narrative, the blending of art and history, and the fundamentals of  aviation science at the core of the educational mission.

The exhibition includes large prints of the 1927 photos of Donald A. Hall, Sr., Chief Engineer and designer during the sixty-day construction.  The exhibitions original art, by Nova Hall, includes bright pop-art colors that blend surrealism, historical facts and original photos, within the Arte Povera movement.  Inspired by Leandro Soto, Roshenberg, and Chagall, the inclusion of original material, images, and newspaper are directly relevant to this innovative historic exhibition.

The exhibition functions as a exhibition space, which has included children’s art workshops, award ceremonies, paper-airplane competitions, special private events for displaying original memorabilia from the collection, and the  first opening at Arizona State University of a successful theatrical play, written by Nova Hall about his grandfather.  Nova Hall received a BA from Arizona State University in Integrative Arts and Sciences, in part because of the process of developing this educational traveling exhibition.