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The Spirit of St. Louis in 1927 at Dutch Flats in San Diego. Photograph by Donald Hall and copyrighted 2001

Title: “My Spirit of St. Louis” by Donald A. Hall, Chief Engineer, 1927 (C) 2001 Donald A. Hall Estate

After the flight of the Spirit of St. Louis, Donald became a bit of a local celebrity in his yellow 1925 roadster Studebaker. Though the news articles about him would eventually dwindle, once he met Betty everything changed. Between the two, there romance bloomed. Despite their challenges during the Great Depression, the couple would wait until 1933 when the two: Betty and Donald A. Hall finally got married. A year later, the couple would have Don Hall, Jr. as they waited and saved their money to build a small home in Point Loma on Xenophon St.

In the year of the flight in 1927, Betty hadn’t met Donald Hall yet. She was practicing the piano and studying to become a school teacher. While Donald was designing a plane to minimize risk for Charles Lindbergh’s flight, the Walker family continued with their lives as Omar reintegrate after fighting in WWI. Soon the world would hear about San Diego, spawning a dusty town in a corner of the USA to become a celebrity city. The Walker family 1925 Studebaker Roadster with Donald Hall in the driver seat with the license plate showingincluded Mr. and Ms. Walker and their two kids: Omar and Betty.

Omar had been a military pilot in WWI and continued to train pilots leading into WWII. He eventually established an insurance brokerage for the airlines and in the aircraft industry during the following years. This tradition of one hundred years of Walker-Hall risk experience, plus Kenneth Stephens experience and passion for aviation focused insurance embodies Airis’s company motto: “Engineering Against Risk since 1927.”

Nova Hall is following in his uncle’s footsteps because of his passion for flight. Airis Insurance LLC was established when Nova Hall became a licensed P&C insurance agent in 2023. His associate, Kenneth Stephens of Warren Stephens Insurance Services / K-Steppins LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona, shares his commitment to customer service with business and contract experience inhouse. Together, Nova and Ken offer financial and asset planning services as well as business, aircraft/vintage car, and other forms of personal and professional coverages. A suite of comprehensive services offered as independent brokers with the passion to impact youth aviation and STEAM.

Omar Walker and Betty Walker (brother and sister)

Omar and Elisabeth “Betty” Walker (brother and sister).



For Special life policies, assets, and financial planning and insurance services with a fiduciary like Kenneth, contact Nova at 602-909-9174. Nova directly supports Flying Over Time (501-c-3) from his commissions.

Restarting his Uncle’s book of business, AND Benefiting from Ken’s 40+ years of experience in handling even the most complex or unique insurance services, Nova can independently counsel you and your assets/IP** from a licensed agent. Fueled by Nova and Ken’s shared dedication to providing exceptional service.

We additionally encourage other organizations to designate Flying Over Time as their designated non-profit for donation purposes, as Airis Insurance llc. has committed to.


Business card of Chief Engineer Donald A. Hall in 1927 for the company that built the Spirit of St. Louis

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