Donald A. Hall Sr. Biography and Introduction

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“Donald Albert Hall was one of this centuries great aeronautical engineers, and most likely, you’ve never heard of him.  But I guarantee, you have heard of the airplane he designed…the Spirit of St. Louis!”  – Hunt For Amazing Treasures, TLC (Sept. 2001)

Donald A. Hall, Sr. Biography Highlights

Born December 7th, 1898 – Brooklyn, New York
Graduated from Pratt Institute – Industrial Mechanical Engineering, 1917-19
US Army (S.A.T.C.) – Rank: Private, 1918
Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Corp. – Junior draftsman, checker, designer, 1919-21
Elias & Bros – Aerodynamic design and acting chief engineer, 1921-22
Designed night bombardment airplane, which won prize in competition at Dayton, OH, 1922
The Douglas Company – Aerodynamics engineer, 1924-25
Ford Motor Company (Airplane Division) – Airplane designer, 1926
US Army (Brooks Field Army Air Corps) – Rank: Flying Cadet, 1926
Ryan Airlines, Inc. – Chief engineer & Parts inspector, 1927-28
Designed the Spirit of St. Louis with Charles A. Lindbergh, winner of the Orteig prize, 1927
Author – National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Technical Note #257, “Technical Preparation of the Spirit of St. Louis,” 1927
Hall Aeronautical Development Co. – President and chief engineer, 1929-1936
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft/Convair – Aerodynamics and pre-design engineer, Patent director, 1936-49
Associate Fellow – American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA), 1937-1968
Prepared Technical Appendix in Charles A. Lindbergh’s Pulitzer prize winning book, The Spirit of St. Louis, 1953
Naval Air Station (North Island) – Head supervisor: Helicopter Engineering branch, 1949-1963
Died, May 2nd, 1968 – San Diego, California


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