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Sharing Stories of Innovation

Since the Rose Chest in Sedona revealed the story of how Donald A. Hall designed and built the Spirit of St. Louis with Charles Lindbergh, Flying Over Time has been dedicated to helping others share their own stories of family, culture, and innovation. As we prepare for the 100th anniversary of the Spirit‘s historic flight, we are launching three monumental projects to combine Art and STEM to go full STEAM ahead.

From the Rose Chest in Sedona to the National Archives in Burundi, Flying Over Time digitizes stories to teach innovation.


Dust off the skeletons in your trunk, your closet, your garage. You have treasures beyond compare to share with the world.

Spirit100: The Spirit Centennial X Prize

COMING SOON! Our 100th anniversary celebration for Lindbergh’s historic flight of the Ryan NYP (Spirit of St. Louis) built by Donald A. Hall. We’ll lay out a historic vision for the centennial to go above and beyond the original for a new century, complete with a $2.5M prize for sustainable flight.

PRE: Preserving Records for Everyone

PRE turns old records into digital treasures, monetizing them for the benefit of the owner and their community. For $1, we can save 10 pages from being lost forever. We believe that if you lose your history, you lose a part of your identity. Visit to donate and access VR Memory Spaces.

Web Development Sponsorships

Help us fulfill our mission of connecting tomorrow’s minds to innovation. Every business that sponsors us receives digital services and offers discounted web development to needy orgs. It’s win-win-win and we do it all: Web Design, Hosting, SEO, PPC, Automation, & Digital Strategy!

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Our mission is connecting tomorrow’s minds to innovation. To accomplish this:

– We help educate students to innovate.

– We bring stories to life through multiple media.

– We teach art and science through the lens of history.

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