Web Development Sponsorships

Help us fulfill our mission of connecting tomorrow’s minds to innovation.
Every business that sponsors us allows us to offer discounted or free web development to needy businesses and charities. It’s win-win-win and we do it all: Web Design, Hosting, SEO, PPC, Automation, & Digital Strategy!

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Benefits for Choosing FOT as YOUR Charity

When you designate Flying Over Time as your preferred charity, we will add a banner to your pricing page to indicate that your business gives to charity with every purchase. Your audience loves being involved with businesses that are making a difference in:

  • STEM and Art (STEAM) education,
  • connecting families through VR exhibits,
  • digitizing archives and records around the world,
  • preserving languages with fun games for all ages,
  • and expanding digital tools for small businesses.

This could lead to:

  • 29% more sales,
  • 26% bigger orders,
  • 67% lower churn (more loyalty),
  • more frequent referrals,
  • strong team member motivation,
  • and improved brand reputation.

We’ll also promote your sponsor page on flyingovertime.org/donate to show our appreciation and encourage all our site visitors to consider your services.

On top of all that, and the expertise we offer directly to sponsoring businesses, your monthly 501(c)(3) donations are tax-deductible.

24-Hour Support

Upon signup, we’ll add you to a live chat group where you can post content, links, and change requests for any of the pages, ads, or media that we manage for you.

We’ll also have regular strategy calls where we’ll go over your content, pricing, SEO, and ad performance so we can make gradual and lasting improvements over time.

Custom VR spaces to show off your brand.

We help you educate your audience by building you a unique virtual environment. Now your customers can experience your brand in an immersive new way on any device.