The Photography of the Donald A. Hall Estate including Spirit of St. Louis, Charles Lindbergh, aviation, and vintage Army Air Corp pilots

Trademark for the Donald A. Hall Estate collection including the signature of the engineer Donald Hall, a blueprint front view of the Spirit of St Louis, and the slide rule that was used to design the airplane in 1927.

Vintage aviation photographer and engineer Donald Hall capturing history with his trusted camera in a selfie

Donald A. Hall, Sr. designer of aircraft and photographer

Welcome to the captivating vintage photography collection of Donald Hall. Delve into a treasure trove of high-quality, unseen imagery, capturing moments of aviation history, natural beauty, family life, and more. With a special emphasis on his remarkable photographs of the Spirit of St. Louis, this collection offers a unique glimpse into the world of vintage aviation and an forgotten veteran of flight.

This collection offers a personal glimpse into Donald Hall’s life and family. Portraits, candid moments, and cherished memories are all captured with the same artistic finesse and attention to detail. His passion for photography shines through his lens.

For aviation enthusiasts and history lovers: Explore and be enthralled by Donald Hall’s creativity, visuals, with special emphasis on the iconic Spirit of St. Louis and vintage world. From aerial perspectives to detailed close-ups, his photographs bring the golden era of aviation to life.

Beyond the realm of aircraft, Donald Hall’s lens uncovers the wonders of the an unvarnished natural world in the early days of conservation. Experience breathtaking landscapes, flora, and fauna through his keen artistic eye.

Licensing and museum opportunities are available for those seeking to utilize or display these captivating vintage photographs for various projects or books. Whether it’s for publications, exhibitions, or other creative endeavors, discover the untapped potential of Donald Hall’s imagery. Educational uses are also available, however copy protection has been implemented. Contact us through our online form to request higher resolution images. Please note the title and link to the image.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of vintage photography by Donald Hall – a testament to his passion, skill, and the timeless allure of capturing moments in time.

Charles Lindbergh and Ben Mahoney and Donald A. Hall standing in front of the Spirit of St. Louis in April 1927 San Diego, California
Vintage Gallery 1

Charles Lindbergh shaking hands with Donald A. Hall as they stand in front of the Spirit of St. Louis and Ben Mahoney in San Diego, California, 1927
Vintage Gallery 2

Vintage photo of Spirit of St. Louis airplane in San Diego, California at Dutch Flats May 1927
Vintage Gallery 3

Vintage WWI black and white photograph during training by US Army with Curtiss Jenny biplane aircraft and military soldiers
Vintage Gallery 4

Donald Hall Aviation Development logo drawling by Donald A. Hall inspired by 1927 Lindbergh Stamp
Vintage Gallery 5

Donald A. Hall selfie with his camera reflected in a mirror
Vintage Gallery 6

Vintage photograph of the Hall X-1 prototype aircraft #X7621 in flight above San Diego with Pilot Harrigan at controls
Vintage Gallery 7