Nova Hall’s Artist Statement: Celebrating Aviation History through Fine Art

Nova Hall’s Artist Statement:

As an artist, I am motivated by the power of history and innovation. My art integrates written words, historic imagery and symbols, and vintage newspaper and photography as collage, drawing connections to how innovation was occurring in the past at a rapid rate, and how we are experiencing a similar technology rush today. The connection between innovation over time is a consistent theme in my work.

In addition to my interest in aviation, history, and technology, I am also influenced by the Arte Povera art movement, which emphasizes the use of simple materials and a DIY approach to art-making. I incorporate this philosophy into my work by using vintage newspaper and other found materials to create collages that explore the relationship between past and present innovation.

I use sum-e style brush work to add movement to my paintings, as well as various wash techniques to push layers back and bring layers forward, similar to how I integrate my monochrome sum-e ink drawings with washes for adding depth and complexity. This is why I build depth in my layered collage paintings too. My brushwork is very influenced by sweeping arcs and “dancing” lines that illustrate movement, wind and clouds.

Title: The Spirit in Blue
Media: Mixed media
Size: 40″ x 50″
Artist: Nova Hall

In my process, I often start with Japanese Kanji or Chinese words written in calligraphy on a piece of rice paper, or sometimes an original piece of newspaper/photograph from my book. I decoupage onto the canvas or board with glue. I then build layer after layer on top of that first “item,” which is at the heart of the painting and embodies the energy behind the intention of the piece. This often makes the painting a literal piece of history or intention.

My primary artistic goals are to create work that speaks to the connection between past and present, and to evoke a sense of movement and depth through my brushwork and layering techniques. My work fits into the broader context of contemporary art through its use of collage and layering, as well as its engagement with historical themes. While I draw inspiration from many movements and styles, including sum-e and pop art, I see my work as occupying a unique position within the art world, reflecting my personal experiences and interests.

Beyond aviation and history, my work explores themes of innovation, technology, and movement. I hope to communicate a message of continuity and progress through my art, highlighting how we are constantly building upon the innovations of the past.

My work has evolved over time, with particular milestones including the development of my layering and collage techniques, as well as my exploration of sum-e brushwork. These breakthroughs have influenced my current approach to art-making, as I continue to experiment with new materials and techniques to push the boundaries of what is possible in my art.