Novas Paintings, Newest Art, and Photo Prints

Flying Over Time is a creativity driven charity. We often discuss how to bring the “A” to STEM learning. Part of this includes art and public speaking about history/ethics topics.

Art and new designs are constantly in production by Nova. He is willing and currently accepting custom commissions for connoisseurs of fine art and rare photography. ¬†Original painting and archival museum prints are available for purchase. Email for details. 25% of all proceeds will go to supporting Flying Over Time’s mission and projects, with another 10% going to the Lindbergh Foundation’s continued X-Prize projects and decarbonizing of aviation.

Historic themes include: Trains, bridges, aircraft (military), aircraft (commercial), portraits, Donald A. Hall Sr. photos, etc. Nova’s artistic style is unique, however general color themes can be requested. ¬†Photographic prints from Donald A. Hall are a available in limited editions through Aerographs Studios


Flying Over Time @ ASU 2010


To purchase art work, contact us directly for a cost estimate.