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We at Flying Over Time, are an educational nonprofit teaching STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math) by sharing stories, and we’re raising $14k to save 5 million never-before-seen pages from the Burundi National Archives.

For $10, be remembered in our Mbuyu AI 3D space on our new 3D AI site: PRE.
For $20, get a Space free for 1 month. For $50, 3 months! For $200, a full 12 months!

The Existential Risk

A silent pandemic is unfolding, unnoticed and unaddressed. Our cultures are in danger, as memories, stories, and ancestral wisdom are vanishing forever. New technologies are making it worse. As younger generations pursue global opportunities in the digital age, they unknowingly leave oral histories behind. Their grandparents’ voices are fading, and this ever-widening generational gap threatens to silence them permanently.

The Mission
Our diverse nonprofit team at Flying Over Time is very aware of this problem. Our mission is to stop this pandemic of memory erasure, preserve untold stories, and amplify the voices of native cultures. We document and share the stories that matter most – the ones that carry the essence of a people, their traditions, and their values.

Our Innovations

We’re not just dreaming of a solution; we’ve already started. We just launched an easy app to help everyone digitize their brands, family histories, & cultural heritage. PRE – Preserving Records Everywhere, empowers users to preserve and share their stories in goggles-free 3D using AI-powered content and chats.