This Month, Elisabeth Massey, Managing Editor of the Arizona State University (ASU) Alumni Association published a online blog regarding Flying Over Time and our President, Nova Hall:  READ the FULL Blog post here.

Excerpt of full interview –  What life experiences have influenced your career the most?

The discovery of the trunk in 1999 was a huge moment, and it led to building professional relationships and my first time on television and in front of a camera. That allowed the experience of publishing my book in 2002 and continues to be a major part of our exhibitions and my presentations.

After publishing and marketing the book, I decided to return to college at ASU. Shortly thereafter, I happened to walk into an advisor’s office in the wrong department on the wrong floor and she suggested I take a class in a different major, so I took her advice. I found myself in an Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance drawing class with professor and international Cuban artist Leandro Soto. He

mentored me. One day after being in his drawing class for a semester, I brought him a copy of my book and he look at me, looked at the book and very simply asked “Why are you not doing your art from this?” I had never thought about it that way, but ever since then, I made progress toward being a professional fine arts artist while I finished my degree at ASU.

Finally, there was the moment when I felt like a true professional artist when one of my pieces, “Transatlantic,” sold for $10,000 at a fundraiser in 2013.

What is Flying Over Time and what is your role with the organization?

Flying Over Time is an educational nonprofit charity focused on innovating exhibitions and curricular tools. Our mission is to teach history, art, and the engineering sciences in relation to transportation and commerce, to explore the concepts of design, function, art and to create an original educational experience for young students.

I am president of Flying Over time. I handle duties related to executive management, fundraising, team building, speaking and development, intellectual property management, historical assets, contracts, copyright and trademark law, manufacturing, marketing, graphic design, sales, public relations, customer service and presentations. I am also the resident artist and artistic director of the exhibition.