400684_10102492825699211_352457414_n[1]87 years ago this week, the Spirit of St. Louis carried Charles Lindbergh, one of America’s most famed aviators, across the blue Atlantic from New York to Paris, marking a milestone in this nations history and forever imprinting it’s legacy in the heart of America. Although it’s final decent marked its landlocked future many years ago, a young artist by the name of Nova Hall is once again bringing it to flight to celebrate the 87-year anniversary of its iconic expedition.

Nova Hall is the grandson of Donald A. Hall, the chief designer for the Spirit of St. Louis. Whilst rummaging through some old family heirlooms, Nova came across a large trunk. Upon opening it, he soon realized this was no ordinary trunk, but rather a treasure chest full of original side drafts, images, film footage, and historical documents that had once belonged to his grandfather. Soaring on the inspiration of his discovery and the grandiosity grandfather’s greatest work, Nova took paint to canvas and began producing mixed-media pieces incorporating historic memorabilia as well as a brilliant use of color and movement. Each compilation successfully invokes an immense sense of pride and truly portrays how great of an achievement the Spirit of St. Louis was.

His stimulation went far beyond his artwork however. Nova was driven to spread his inspiration to fellow artists, history enthusiasts, and engineers alike by sharing his discovery and bringing to light once again the historical significance of his grandfathers’ creation and Charles Lindbergh’s adventure. As a result, he founded Flying Over Time, an educational charity and 501-c3 non-profit focused on teaching art and science through the lens of history. By incorporating the story of the Spirit of St. Louis, Flying Over Time attempts to blend art, history, and science in order to create a synthesis of how art and the engineering sciences converge.

In order to support his vision and enable museums, universities and community centers to facilitate this event and curriculum, Nova produced a gallery exhibition that displays his paintings along with historic memorabilia from the construction of the Spirit of St. Louis and compelling video projections of the artifacts. The seed money from the exhibition, in addition to more sponsorship(s), will go towards the nations cultivation of design engineers and aid Flying Over Time in expanding its vision.

Come see the depth of Nova Hall’s passion for his family history in the sweeping brush strokes of his artwork at the Flying Over Time First Friday Event on June 7th at the Skyline Gallery in Downtown Phoenix. The event will take place from 6-9 Pm and will include food, beverages, and live entertainment. Other events will also take place in the future, including an exclusive gala in Sedona, AZ.

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