Donald A. Hall Jr. and Nova Hall

Donald A. Hall Jr. and Nova Hall

Recently, I verified the history change on Wikipedia myself. It was in Ryan’s entry. The letter Lindbergh wrote to my Grandfather had been discovered. Later, it was reconfirmed through a dear friend of mine who lives on the East coast and whom is a aviation historian. Thus, when I re-read the Wikipedia passage to my ailing father a number of weeks ago, he wept in my arms, overwhelmed with emotion.

I wasn’t sure if his response was the illness, or something more. Its been…difficult to describe the emotional changes he goes through with his health and thus the raw emotions we have gone through together. I feel much closer to him. Considering my dad, Don, never believed his father would get the credit due to him in San Diego, and never understanding how Ryan somehow received credit in the story of the building of the Spirit of St. Louis, he simply chose to leave it alone (see my father’s published account in the appendix of my book Spirit and Creator).

DAH - Pioneer Aviation Award

DAH – Pioneer Aviation Award

Thus now, it deeply inspires my father and myself to understand a major benchmark has been reached. For my father, seeing the 15+ volunteers, newly trickling financial backing, and various non-profit professionals jumping on board to craft the charity structure, educational materials and teaching products, gives him purpose to keep living.

Thus…Thank you for supporting us and spreading the word on Facebook and in your local communities. Help us make this big. We CAN do good by educating and teaching art and science through the lens of history!

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