Art Workshops

Your team needs engaging activities that create a lasting bond. But so many things you’ve tried have been forgettable or boring. Want to try something unlike every corporate event you’ve ever seen? Color Cartel has a unique experience ready for you! 

Your team will come to our Austin, Texas studio headquarters. You will learn how to spray paint, and participate in creating your own art! You will learn by doing, and get to know each other in a playful, mind-expanding session of exciting art play. We have endless sections of wall ready to paint. Your team will never forget the experience of engaging your creativity with support and inspiration from our artists.

Find Out how a Live Event Will Work for You

Call (210) 468-9029 now to reach Color Cartel and discuss your event.

Event organizers are always astounded at how professional and streamlined the experience is: Andrew Horner (AKA “Apse”) and the Color Cartel team are a full-service, group art experience. From start to finish, the team knows what they’re doing and you’ll have little or nothing to manage.

Groups that come to the studio cherish both the moments and the memories. You’ll have some of the best photo opportunities you’ve ever had, with art in the background that was made by your team! And Color Cartel is a Flying Over Time partner, which means a portion of your proceeds will fund literacy and the preservation of history!