AI Writing  Live Course


Get a hands-on writing coach to help you write your book from start to finish in just 3 sessions! Pace Ellsworth, COO of the PRE Project and the ChatGPT Money Club, will guide you three 45-minute AI prompt-storming sessions, drafting up to 20,000 words on whatever topic you want. You’ll learn all about AI content generation. Ask anything!

Pace’s expertise in coaching, writing, and AI stems from:

  • 4 years Computational Linguistics (BYU)
  • 6 years teaching programming languages
  • 15 years managing remote startup teams
  • 10 years developing apps (including IMAX and Best Buy)
  • Drafting four 20k word books with AI in 24 hours each

How it Works

Session 1 - Meet Pace

Pace will walk you through how to write a 20,000 word book from start to finish. All you need is a topic and a target.

Session 2 - AI Copywriting

Follow through with help from ChatGPT to build your book out from proposal to outline to summary to full copy.

Session 3 - AI Publishing

Learn how to typeset, narrate, and make beautiful cover art, all automatically. Then publish your book to share your story.

Join an Online Community of 5000+ Writers

ChatGPT Money Club is a community of entrepreneurs that started on Clubhouse, and is growing rapidly, writing thousands of books, courses, and articles on a world of topics. Check it out today and learn all about using AI tools to make your dreams accessible.