Engineering STEM Curricula – updated

Video Update 8-20-2014 (from proposal to Arizona Commission on the Arts in 2011)

 * Update 8-1-2014

The operating outline for the 5th grade through 8th grade, Engineering STEM curricula is available!  It can be emailed, with a formal request, at  Currently it is in development! Check back often!


~ The Flying Over Time Team

The men and women who built, designed, funded, and flew the Spirit of St. Louis in San Diego, CA 1927

The men and women who built, designed, funded, and flew the Spirit of St. Louis in San Diego, CA 1927


* Update 6-15-2013

RE: Finance Proposal (draft)

Desired Funding Goal: $50,000.00

Executive Summary

Over the past three years, Flying Over Time has become a viable partner to the aviation and education communities in the informal teaching space. Through the discovery of the missing Donald A. Hall Estate, possessions relating to the engineering and designing of the Spirit of St. Louis, history has come to life. Additionally, thru the original art of Hall’s grandson, Nova Hall, an element of artistic flavor is added to the project. Guided by the principals of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), the Flying Over Time team intends to bring the humanities to the flights of the Spirit of St. Louis and all that the flight is responsible for in modern technology and commercial aviation.

Now, more than ever, history is playing an important part in our children’s learning. With technological advances abounding, students of all ages are getting further and further away from the reality of our history and the foundational role underpinning the technologies they use each and every day. Through the use of images and blueprints found in the trunk and new, original artwork, FOT is already sharing this story through exhibitions and showings at museums, airports, and art galleries. With the support of a select group of donors and teachers volunteers, FOT will develop its first curricula for use by schools/informal teaching spaces across the United States.  

These curricula will be aligned with national guidelines of S.T.E.M. to ensure relevance to most, if not all, schools.  Traditional public schools, most charter schools and many private schools adhere to federal provisions regarding Common Core, NGSS, or a mixture of  S.T.E.M. because it allows them to access funding otherwise off limits. In the experience of FOT team members, schools are consistently seeking inexpensive, creative curricula, which are aligned with these federal provisions.

Flying Over Time will (initially) produce curricula for students in grades 5– 8, considering the content of the original offering will be most relevant to these age groups.  The program is unique in that it uses items/photographs/historic manuscripts to bring history to life without the challenges of licensing. The finished program tools will be for teachers, by teachers.  Sold in separate parts or in groups, the curricula will come in the following categories:

• One-day outdoor activity

  • Digital only: $TBD at market value
  • Digital and print: $ TBD at market value + shipping

• One-week indoor/outdoor activity

  • Digital only: $ TBD at market value
  • Digital and print: $ TBD at market value + shipping

• Quarter, semester or year-long afterschool program

  • Digital only Quarter: $ TBD at market value
  • Digital only Semester: $ TBD at market value
  • Digital only Year-long: $ TBD at market value

• Professional development (Estimate)

  • Webinar: $TBD at market value/participant
  • In-person: $TBD at market value/participant (10 person minimum)

• Travel expenses must be paid unless the minimum is met

• 15% discount for all other assets including t-shirts, films, and prints for participating schoolsהגה לרכב