“Nova Hall is one of the most promising visual artists of his generation” – Tim Harris, Past-Chairman of Flying Over Time: The Spirit of St. Louis Exhibition.

Don and Nova

Donald A. Hall Jr. and Nova Hall

Nova Hall: Artist, Author, and Public Speaker

As an artist at Flying Over Time, Nova Hall is author of the book, Spirit and Creator: The Mysterious Man Behind Lindbergh’s Flight to Paris (2003), a book about his grandfather, Donald A. Hall Sr., the designer/Chief Engineer of Charles Lindbergh’s historic and famous aircraft, the Spirit of St. Louis. Nova Hall has been featured on the Learning Channel and other shows focusing on the discovery of his grandfather’s lost collection.

Reflecting his unique narrative, Nova Hall was selected to be the 2010 Student speaker by former Dean Langland at the Arizona State University West campus’s convocation ceremony.  Mr. Hall graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Arts and Science. His play, The Man behind the Spirit was preformed professionally at Arizona State University (ASU) by James Reid, actor. In 2011, he established Flying Over Time as an educational Arizona non-profit. With leadership and support from ASU’s New College, Flying Over Time’s Board applied for and received 501-(c)(3) tax-exempt status on May 20th 2013.

Mentored and inspired by Leandro Soto, internationally known Cuban-American visual and performance artist, Nova found a unique and consistent voice on canvases of various sizes and shapes, contributing to the Flying Over Time art collection. An accomplished photographer with large format cameras, drawing, and writing, he pulls from these other mediums to both comment on the subject with the materials and through the colorful shapes and collage. A continuing follower of the “Arte Povera” movement from Europe, his pieces reflect the vibrant colors and multi-media formats of modern “Pop Art” with a distinctive historical twist unique to his heritage. Leandro’s exotic Influences include his Japanese style sumi drawling, collage, and narrative process. Additionally, he looks to Chagall, Van de Kooning, and Rauschenberg for inspiration.

“Clearing the Trees” by Nova Hall

“Clearing the Trees” by Nova Hall

Having been commissioned for the Joan Frazer Memorial Award for the Arts, his large triptych piece delves into Holocaust theory, Judaism, Jewish Identity and Nova’s pilgrimage to Israel in 2000. Of his talent, Nova’s works are deeply personal with an emphasis on movement and airflow.

Reflecting the dreams of his unconventional childhood while critiquing the historical and current narratives found in the subject matter he pursues. His body of work involves stories compounded by childlike visions of the world. Each effort bridges the extent of painted images, written word and layered collage through visual unions and geometric order. Nova succeeds in dynamically bringing history to life through the juxtaposition of his painted imagery, written words, and public-performance.

Flying Over Time - Opening @ ASU West

Speaking after Play opening, written by Nova Hall at ASU west

A few of his public speaking credentials include schools, historical societies and universities. Ie. Hofstra University, the San Diego Historical Society, and Blackwood High School. Nova Hall credits his years of leadership, executive management experience, and public speaking within the Toastmasters International organization (ATM-B, AL-S) and various mentors. As such, Nova is confident and engaging in front of any audience.

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