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Have you ever been part of the discovery of history? Join us on a flight into the past…

In 2001, the world first learned the untold history behind one of the most spectacular public events of the twentieth-century, Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 trans-Atlantic flight. TLC’s The Hunt for Amazing Treasures aired in September and profiled Donald A. Hall , the engineer and friend who designed the Spirit of St. Louis in 60 days—the famous plane that made Charles Lindbergh’s flight possible.

Since that time, Donald Sr.’s grandson Nova Hall, an Arizona-based artist and entrepreneur who was featured prominently in the 2001 TLC episode, has built the nonprofit Flying Over Time, uncovering and sharing his grandfather’s important role in aviation history. Through lively and original artwork, public and private exhibitions, K-12 curricular materials, and publications, the secret history of Donald A. Hall has become widely known.

But there is still more to reveal…

Happily, Nova is working on a brand new book: City of Wings. The new project chronicles Donald A. Hall’s career in the aviation industry, including surprising attempts by rivals to write him out of history. Nova answers important questions, such as why this talented engineer would want to work with the young unknown pilot Lindbergh and how the team was able to move so quickly to design and manufacture a capable aircraft.

In 1967, a year before he passed away, Donald A. Hall was quoted as saying, “The truth will come out, eventually.” And here at Flying Over Time, we intend that it does, and sooner rather than later.

Nova Hall, Chief Creative Officer, along with the Board of Directors and Honorary Board members, invite your financial contributions to Flying Over Time. If you care about history, technology, art, education, aviation, and storytelling, then please join us in telling fresh stories while preserving a significant moment in American and indeed world history.              (Support our GoFundMe Campaign! We critically need your support:  Click to Donate Now!)

Your contribution will enable Nova to pay the bills while he completes the new book, including the steep monthly storage fee for housing the Donald A. Hall collection and Nova’s beautiful artworks in a secure, climate-controlled facility. Our goal is to raise enough money to safeguard the collection for a few more months, at which time the precious materials will—hopefully!—be moved to a permanent exhibition space.

We are currently negotiating with an educational institutional that would make the Donald A. Hall collection available to researchers and aviation aficionados the world over, for all time.

Please note that we are on a very tight deadline. It is imperative that we not lose access to this priceless collection—the world cannot afford to forever lose a rare piece of aviation history.  Click to Donate Now!


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Flying Over Time is a 501c3 educational charity and traveling exhibition based on Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis and designer – Chief Engineer Donald A. Hall Sr. Our organization has done free/fundraising STEM/STEAM aviation workshops and gallery events including museum exhibitions. www.flyingovertime.org

We teach Art and science through the lens of history. Developed at Arizona State University, granted 501-C3 educational charity status May 20th, 2013.

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