May 20th, 2017

Press Release:


Dawn Nave

Phoenix (AZ) – 90 years ago today, Donald Hall Sr. was absolutely confident in the aircraft he had designed, the Spirit of St. Louis and its pilot. The young Brooklyn aeronautical engineer waited in San Diego, California for news regarding Charles Lindbergh. Known among his colleagues as a quiet perfectionist, Hall had already put eight 90 hour work weeks into the flight. His brilliance would carry his pilot-friend all the way to Paris in 33:30 hours. At the time, it was an aircraft built from the best of proven technology and the flight was scientifically planned.

90¬†years after that fateful take off in Long Island, Flying Over Time, an educational 501-(c)(3) founded by Donald Hall’s grandson and a small army of volunteers, is announcing the selection of its first Donald Hall Brilliance Award Scholars. These special winners will be named in the coming months. They represent the same exacting genius of the man who kept his word and delivered ahead of time in 60 days in 1927.

Each year going forward, Flying Over Time will announce another Donald Hall Brilliance Scholar in preparation for the 100th Anniversary in 2027. The first annual awards event will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. The specific date and location is yet to be determined.